My Name Is Courtney.


I am 27. I am a wife, together we have four kids and one fur baby.

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It is my hope that starting this blog will help me grow into a more confident person and prove something to my girls and to myself. 

★ I create. ★

Etsy Cover Photo

I take my frustrations with life, and finances, family troubles, failed friendships… and I create something new that adds value to my day and to my life. I press a shirt, I design a decal, I sand some wood and I paint a sign. I start my day not knowing how it will end and I push forward until something beautiful comes from it.

There are some days I accomplish a lot. I finish orders, I have a clean home, I have happy and well balanced kids- and life is great. There are some days I force myself to get out of bed, the kids are fighting, ramen is for dinner, and laundry doesn’t get done.

★ I am one person ★IMG_0041 (2)

I am one person who became two who became six. It isn’t about me and what’s best for me or what’s best for him. It is what’s best for them. Are they proud to call me mom and him dad? Have we done all we can do, and then pushed to do more? Do we Always strive for greatness and success.? Or Always push for more?

I am an entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur. I am starting a business. “we” are starting a business. It is a slow process and it won’t happen over night. My success may never be great but as long as I am successful to my girls and to my husband then I am successful. I am overwhelmed most of the time. I am full of self doubt. “Can I do this?” “Am I ready?” “Am I good enough?”

I can do this!

2 thoughts on “My Name Is Courtney.”

  1. You are so brave and I am very proud of you, Courtney. I admire your dedication and loyalty to your little family. You will do great things. 😘

    1. Thank you sister. It means a lot to see those words. I hope I do well enough by them that they don’t make the same decisions I have made. I hope I do well enough that their lives are just a bit easier.

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